Welcome to the new ASACC.org

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For just over 30 years the American Student Association of Community Colleges has been the student voice for America’s community college students. These students, now nearly 12 million strong, need that voice now more than ever. With shrinking investments in higher education becoming commonplace on a local, state and national level having representation is critical. ASACC provides that voice nationally. Over the last 30 years we have helped increase the Pell Grant, permanently passed employee educational assistance, fought to increase Perkins Funding for technical education and battled student loan interest rate increases. These battles are not over though! Each year it seems there is a new proposal that would shrink the federal investment in higher education. Community colleges that join ASACC ranks can ensure that this organization is around to teach students to advocate on behalf of their fellow students.

The ASACC Team is pleased to launch this new website and a new era in the way ASACC does business. This streamlined site will allow us to better communicate with our members, provide forum areas for discussions, and disseminate information about our upcoming events. We encourage you to bookmark this page and visit often.

We are also expanding our reach into social media. ASACC has a Facebook page, it is available on Twitter and Instagram. We also are developing a presence on LinkedIn. These tools will allow us to better serve the students’ needs and to provide critical updates to students, advisors and college supporters that will allow us to make sure the Congress and the Administration understand the needs of the largest student body in the nation, our community colleges.

Please share this with your friends and colleagues. Our goal is to get 500,000 likes to the ASACC page on Facebook in the next 12 months. Considering there are over 12 million students, not to mention their parents, grandparents, extended family and siblings and another 1 million community college staff and faculty, we believe this is a modest goal. Please help us reach this goal but more importantly check our posts often to keep up on what issues are facing community colleges nationally.

Please feel free to contact our office for more information or if we can answer questions.


Phil Clegg, Executive Director