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Fall Picture 9-9-15

Fall is such an exciting time on a college campus.  The summer lull comes to an end and thousands of students return to continue their educational journey. ASACC is pleased to welcome back the largest student body in America!  The 12 million students that attend community colleges at more than 1200 colleges across the nation.

The past year has been exciting for ASACC.  In March, the student delegates at our national meeting selected three important priorities to focus on for the 2015-16 school year.  Pell Grants, Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act and a unique proposal that started at Milwaukee Area Technical College, using Pre-Tax Dollars to Pay Student Loans.  Over the next few months we will provide more depth on this blog into each of these issues.

ASACC’s National Student Advocacy Conference is planned for March 12-15, 2016 in Washington, D.C.  We hope it is already on your calendar.  We want to have nearly 500 students in attendance to take the priorities we select to Capitol Hill in force.  Registration information is available on our website at www.asacc.org

Again, we welcome you back and encourage you to get settled in classes and to make the most of your academic experience while serving your fellow students.  Please let our office know if we can be of assistance.