October Presenter Spotlight – HOLLY PILCAVAGE

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The National Contemporary Student Leadership and Citizenship Conference is just over 2 months away – October 20-22 in New Orleans.  The next presenter we would like to introduce is the Founder of Project Wednesday and a ForCollegeForLife presenter – Holly Pilcavage.


Holly is a speaker with ForCollegeForLife and the Founder of Project Wednesday, an organization that fosters positive human development while addressing human resilience, overall well-being and the various factors  that contribute to it.  Her truest passion is people.  With a background in Business Development, Higher Education and Life Coaching, Holly focuses her energy on the impact we are all making on one another and the inevitable ripple effect it causes throughout the world.  She is currently on a mission to see all 50 states before the exciting age of 30.


Conference registration are already starting to come in, so make sure to make yours today!  This will be one of the best conferences ever.  If you have questions contact us at 801-785-9784 or at info@asacc.org