Meet Kevin & Robb – Vice Presidents on the Student Leadership Team

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Kevin Richter

Kevin Richter is starting his fourth semester at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC). He is studying to be an Information Technology Security Specialist, or in other words; to help prevent hackers from stealing our sensitive information. Kevin was born and raised in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and continues to reside there today. Kevin is currently serving as Vice President of Advocacy for the American Student Association of Community Colleges (ASACC).

Kevin’s passion for leadership started at an early age and has continued into his college career. He has held positions at the Oak Creek Campus Student Government Association as well as a position on the District Student Senate of MATC. He plans to continue his involvement on campus and within ASACC until he graduates in 2016. Kevin, a fellow student leader and their advisor had the idea to be able to use pre-taxed dollars to pay off student loans and are currently in the process of working with ASACC to get the idea in front of legislation.

Kevin is an avid outdoorsman who loves Mother Nature and all she has to offer. Within his busy schedule, he stills find time to do what he loves; fish. On any given weekend he can be found on his boat in the summer and in his ice fishing shanty in the winter. He practices catch and release to help ensure quality fishing for future generations.



Robb Rusch

Robb R Rusch is in his last year of his second associate degree for IT Security and IT Administration. Learning about computer systems and how they operate is a fascination of Robbs.  When you press enter on your home computer or tablet lots of things happen behind the scenes. Robb is learning to both make sure you receive the proper information but that it is also secure.

Robb is currently a Student Government member and Mequon campus President, active member of MATC District Senate. He is also currently serving as Vice President of Communications for the ASACC Leadership Team. His passion is being part of a team whether it’s in leadership or as part of the crew. Robb’s current plans are to be active and available for whatever is needed both locally and as an active member of ASACC.

Robb currently lives in Cedarburg, not far from the family horse farm Robb grew up on.  One of his favorite hobbies is buying and selling antiques. Backpacking and outdoor activities top the list for recreation. Besides being a full time student, Robb also installs and repairs flooring in his local area.

Working with Kevin, MATC, and ASACC on the pre-tax dollar resolution has been a great privilege and learning experience.

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