LEAPS Certification

In 2010, ASACC created the LEAPS Student Leader Certification Program.  LEAPS stands for Leadership, Education, Advocacy, Planning and Service.  At each Fall Conference we offer a variety of courses that qualify the students who participate to receive a Certificate of Completion for the LEAPS Certification.


Here is a list of the current LEAPS courses that may be offered at a conference (not all courses can be offered every conference due to time and space restrictions):


Leadership Courses

  • Team Building & Delegating
  • Color Code (Level 1 Core Course)
  • Color Your Future (Personal Mission)& Emotional Intelligence (Level 2 Core Course)
  • Motivation-Energizing Members
  • Personal Time Management & Strategic Goal Planning
  • Meeting Management
  • Organizational Planning – Action Planning
  • Presenting Yourself Publicly & Technically (Level 2 Optional Core Course)
  • Planning & Organizing a campus event
  • Using technology to enhance involvement
  • Conflict Resolution (Level 1 Optional Core Course)
  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • Conference Guest Speakers – write up summary

Citizenship Courses

  • Civics 101 – Government Set Up
  • Service Learning Project
  • Ethics & Values (Level 1 Core Course)
  • Diversity (Level 2 Core Course)
  • Constitution  & By Laws Writing

Advocacy Courses

  • Understanding and influencing the Legislative Process (Level 1 Core Course)
  • Grass roots Campaign
  • Starting a State Organization
  • Communicating with Administration (Level 2 Core Course)


Each course is .10 CEU and 1 hour in length.  .60 CEU are needed for a certificate (3-4 Core Courses and 2-3 Electives)  Service Learning Projects are optional. 


Level 1 Core Courses

Leadership – Color Code

Leadership Optional – Conflict Resolution

Civics – Ethic & Values

Advocacy – Understanding and influencing the Legislative Process


Level 2 Core Courses

Leadership – Color your Future

Leadership Optional – Presenting yourself publicly & technically

Civics – Diversity

Advocacy – Communicating with Administration


**Other certificates can be created by taking another .60 CEU from electives **


  • Credit for Elective – Conference Speaker – will require a short summary