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National Student Advocacy Conference

March 17-20, 2018  * Washington, D.C.

It’s time for community college students to take action.  Register for this conference, come to Washington, D.C., represent your constituents, make a difference!   GET YOUR VOICE HEARD!

The conference will provide general sessions, keynote speakers, workshops and forums designed to educate the student participants on the major issues that are critical to community colleges. Some of those issues include:
      • Pell Grants
      • Student Loan Interest Rates
      • Federal Work-Study Funding
      • America’s College Promise
      • Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act
      • Student Debt Relief / Using Pre-Tax Dollars for Student Loans
      • AND MORE!!

While attending and participating in the conference students are given time to meet with their Representatives and Senators or their staff members regarding these important issues and other campus issues that have been coordinated with campus administration. The conference serves as a very strong educational experience which teaches the values espoused by ASACC:  LEADERSHIPCITIZENSHIP, and ADVOCACY!

Be sure to turn in your registration and payment in right away as there is only enough space at the hotel for 400 participants!

Registration Form —  Registration will fill up fast.  You can register now and provide your names later.  You don’t want to miss the February 10 deadline.  Any registrations after February 10 have a late fee added.   Call our office if you have questions.

Liability Waiver – Cancellation Doc – This document needs to be signed by the College advisor, but it is recommended all attendees sign.

Hotel Information  – Washington Plaza Hotel

Spring 2018 – Workshop Proposal Form – Are you interested in building your resume, sharing your knowledge or best practices with the attendees – submit your proposal right away.  Entries are due no later than February 10.