ASACC Student Government Advisors Network

The Advisor Network supports and enhances the mission of the American Student Association of Community Colleges (ASACC) through a national network of Advisors whose responsibilities include the fostering and development of student government leaders through the advising process.  Every  Student Government Advisor at every college which is a member of ASACC is automatically a member of the Advisor Network.


The mission of the Advisor Network draws upon the vision of its members to advance the professional status of the campus student government Advisor while recognizing the indispensable role the Advisor holds in the growth and development of student government representatives.


The purpose of the Advisor Network is to engage and challenge each student government Advisor to advance professionally and to grow individually as a student government mentor and sponsor.


The goals of the Network are established through input and consensus among its members, as recommended by the Advisor Network Officers.

a. The immediate goal of the Network is to support a curriculum by which student
government Advisors may continue to advance their professional status.

b. The long term-goal of the Advisor Network is to move the Network forward to
expanded involvement of student government Advisors within each of the
fifty states as representatives of over 1,200 community  colleges.

The ASACC Advisors Training Curriculum is available by clicking on the link below.

ASACC Advisors Training Curriculum